Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Low Carb Pizzas

Low Carb Pizzas

I hate the low carb diets. I hate them so much. I don't care how many people say that they are good for you. Most of the people on these diets eat nothing but meat, eggs & cheese. And any diet that prohibits most fruits & vegetables is NOT a good diet.

However. My boyfriend had been in Iraq for 4 months, and I spent too much time drinking wine & eating out and not nearly enough time at the Y. So, two weeks ago I decided I needed to lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible. So I gave the low carb diet a try.

I did it much more moderately than most. Instead of limiting myself to 15-20 carbs a day, I gave myself 30.

And my absolute favorite thing to eat has been a low carb pizza.

There is a brand of tortillas that makes low carb flour tortillas. They come in three sizes. The large has 10 carbs, the medium has 7 & the small has 4. For me, the small is MORE than big enough, especially since I eat these pizzas for lunch and usually have a low carb yogurt along side it.

Anyways. Here is the recipe:
  1. Toast up the tortilla (I use a nonstick electric griddle). The tortilla needs to be getting crispy before adding any toppings.
  2. Once the tortilla has begun to crisp up, spoon a little sauce in the middle of the tortilla and spread it almost to the edge.
  3. Add some of the chopped chicken in sauce (I always cook my chicken on my electric griddle. It's fast & easy. I then chop it pretty small & toss it liberally in wing sauce). Spread the chicken to the edges.
  4. Cover with cheese & let the cheese melt (to make the cheese melt faster, you could add a tinfoil tent).
Remove from heat source, slice into fourths and devour!

I don't have a pic of that one, but I made another pizza with some pizza sauce, pepperoni, and some veggies (green onion, black olive & sauteed mushrooms). That one was delicious as well!

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