Sunday, February 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: Cajun's Wharf

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I'd give Cajun's Wharf 8/10. The food & decor is fantastic. The wait was annoying, but that's what happens when you go on a Saturday night. Maybe the fiance and I need to start having our date night on a week night...

Anyways. We arrived about 8:00, put our names on the list. We were told it would be about 45 minutes, so we went to the bar to have a drink while we waited on our table. The wait ended up being more towards an hour. We finally got a table, and they seated us right by the huge wall of windows that over looked the river. It was a beautiful view.

The service was fantastic. I wanted a glass of wine (and I'm a wine sissy, so I typically only drink sweet white wines) and I asked for his recommendation, and he suggested one of the moscotos. It was sweet and delicious, and I could have drank it straight from the bottle.

For an appetizer, we ordered the Cajun egg rolls.
"Shrimp and Crawfish with Cajun seasonings combined with Napa cabbage, green bell peppers, scallions and onions. Served with Cajun white wine dipping sauce."

The flavor was delicious, but the portions were smaller than I expected. I guess I was thinking of the Southwestern egg rolls at Chili's, but there were only 4 small pieces. They also weren't as crispy as I like.

For the entrees, I ordered Grilled Salmon.
"Fresh filet of salmon marinated in a blend of tropical fruit, fresh ginger and Caribbean spices. Served with Black Bean Salsa and Tangerine Vinaigrette."

While the black bean salsa wasn't as fresh as I had hoped, the flavor of the salmon was incredible. The marinade was absolutely phenomenal. I will definitely order this dish again. It came with a side, so I picked mashed potatoes, which were so good. I pulled out my fork at one point and all this cheese pulled out with them. They were insane.

My fiance ordered the mixed grill.
"Char-grilled salmon, sea bass, scallops and shrimp, grilled and served over our seasonal rice."

This was just okay, in both of our opinions. He said my salmon was better, and the shrimp was nothing special. The sea bass was fantastic and the scallops were perfect. They were perfectly cooked and so tender and delicious. The rice was amazing. So flavorful. He also got the potatoes, and I was super jealous, because his were even cheesier than mine!

Cajun's Wharf is one of my favorite restaurants in Little Rock. The food is so good, and the sentimental value isn't too bad either (we ate there on our PERFECT day after we got engaged). I can't wait to go back. The ahi tuna is screaming my name =)

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