Sunday, February 6, 2011

Restaurant Review: Igibon

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I'd give Igibon a 7/10. After my horrible, frustrating, "never want to go back there" experience I had at the Sushi Cafe a few weeks ago, I've decided to try out every sushi place in Little Rock with hopes I'll never have to go back there for good sushi.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found that sushi place. The food was good, and the service was really good, even though it was very slow. I didn't have a problem with the slowness, because I was expecting it from all the reviews I read.

My fiance and I try to only eat out once a week, and when we do the fat kid in us usually comes galloping out. We ordered the edomame & the crab puffs, both were excellent. It's pretty much impossible to mess up edomame and the crab puffs were fantastic. I typically don't like fried foods, but these were great. The dough was very crisp, and weren't heavy and greasy with oil. I don;t care for sauces, so I just dipped mine in some soy sauce and I loved them.

We ordered five sushi rolls; the igibon, the Sakura, the spicy tuna, the volcano and the rainbow (my all time favorite period). I didn't care for the igibon roll at all. It had way too much rice and you couldn't even taste the seafood inside of it. We didn't even finish the order, which never happens. My fiance's favorite was the spicy tuna. It was delicious. It definitely had some spice to it and it was crunchy, which I've never experienced in a spicy tuna roll before. The volcano roll had potential, but I hated the presentation. It was eight rolls, in four stacks of two. The top layer was drenched in sauce. I didn't care for the top, sauce covered piece, but the bottom one, which was very light on the sauce, was delicious. The rainbow roll was great as usual. Very light & fresh and I gobbled it up. My favorite for the night though was the Sakura roll. It was salmon, avocado and was amazing.

The sushi was definitely delicious & fresh. The rolls just aren't as inventive as what I usually have back home in Charlotte or at the Sushi Cafe. The decor is also very plain. It was like sitting in an old fashioned cafeteria. One of my favorite things about going out for sushi is that I typically go to very trendy restaurants, and that just is not Igibon. My biggest complaint with the food is that there aren't a lot of options. Most of the sushi seemed to be made of crab and there was way too much rice. The pieces were large, but there wasn't much to them beyond rice.

I'll definitely return, but I'm still searching for a truly fantastic sushi/customer service experience in Little Rock.


  1. It's definitely not trendy; but that's what appeals to me about. I feel like I'm sitting in somebody's dining room while they prepare fresh food for me - a real "homey" atmosphere. I agree, the menu is rather straightforward, but it's the freshest I've had in the state.

    Good luck with your quest for sushi; I'll be checking back to see what you've found.

  2. I'm all about trendy on our date nights. For a casual lunch I don't care as much about decor.

    And the seafood tastes so fresh. It was so delicious (except for the Igibon roll).


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