Monday, March 28, 2011

We Heart Him... =)

 There is supposed to be a 1/2 inch gap at the bottom of a door inside your house to allow air flow. Well, the gap at the bottom of our bedroom door is more like an inch. And every morning our cat wakes us up by pawing at the door, sliding his little paws underneath and kneading the carpet and meowing. This goes on till someone gets up to feed him. But, he's a little attention whore, so after he eats and we're still asleep he decides he's not getting enough attention and starts all over again.

 Last night I was making dinner and I go into the kitchen when I heard the timer go off. Before I can hoist the heavy dutch oven full of The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Cacciatore out of the oven, I see that he has swiped a piece of my fresh baked, sliced french bread off of the cutting board and is having a little snack on my recently vacuumed rug.

He likes to go sit in the bathtub and lick up any water remnants from the faucet or around the drain. By the time he saunters back into the living room, his head is soaking wet, which always makes us laugh.

When one of us yell at him for doing something bad, he'll get his feelings hurt and go sit in his box (an old copy paper box that I covered in cupcake wrapping paper). Or he'll wander around the house for a while, sulking. Animals have feelings too, and when their feelings get hurt, they act a lot like people do.

He makes the most precious noises I have ever heard. The other day, he sounded like a baby dinosaur (or at least what the baby dinosaurs in Jurassic Park sounded like). He's our little Buddysaurus. He also acts very ninja-esque. So he's also Buddysan.

This cat is so, SO loving. SO smart. SO affectionate. His favorite thing (besides stalking bugs, squirrels & birds) is to cuddle up with Graham on the couch. He plays with his toys (he has a stuffed mouse he literally plays fetch with). When Graham isn't around and I'm eating something, he'll swat at it and try to take it. He knows I'm not quite as strict as Graham is, so he's smart enough to try that only when it's me and him.

We adopted him from an animal shelter on January 14 and I've loved every single moment he's been a part of our little family (even when he wandered into our primed bathroom and got paint on the tip of his ear). For $90 we got this absolutely AMAZING cat, who was already neutered and had gotten his shots. There are so many animals out there at the many, MANY shelters in the United States who need good, loving homes. I guess I'm just feeling sentimental this morning, but I look at this cat with his big green eyes, striped legs & fat feet and it hurts my heart to know that he spent a portion of his life in a tiny cage and what could have happened to him if I hadn't seen his picture online.


  1. I heart buddy too! So who took the picture of him squeezed in-between the two of you on the sofa. I love that picture and the one w/ your ring on his paw/finger. So cute!

    You're right - there are so many cats and dogs out there that, unfortunately, will die NEVER knowing what it feels like to be LOVED. My cat, Miss Isabelle, came from living underneath a car in Tampa FL to my home in Charlotte. She has brought me so much joy and has the sweetest little personality. I heart her too.

    1. Graham took it =) He's excellent at stretching to get pictures of the two (and in this case, three) of us.

      I'm so glad you have your cat too. They bring so much happiness to our lives, and I can't wait to adore him for the rest of his life.


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