Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update on the lifestyle change...

A little over a week ago, I blogged about how it was time for a serious lifestyle change. The past week hasn't been perfect (for example: last nights Nutella stuffed strawberries and too much biscotti) but it has been a HUGE improvement over how I've been living. I mean... if I'm going to stuff something with Nutella, aren't strawberries a better choice than chocolate chip cookies?

So deliciously addictive... and not at all healthy!
Slightly better, but still not healthy.
The biggest change: I've been soda free for a week! That's HUGE for me. January 1, 2007 I gave up soda for my New Years Resolution. I was soda free until October 2009. I quit it cold turkey back then, and I've spent the past few months trying to wean myself off of it. Well, I finally made myself realize that weaning myself off wasn't working and I quit cold turkey again. For the most part I haven't missed it at all. Today I do have a massive headache, but nothing a few Aleve won't fix (hopefully). Besides giving up soft drinks, I've been drinking water like there's not going to be any water tomorrow. I drink about three 32 ounce bottles of the stuff a day. WITHOUT adding any flavorings to it. And that is really big for me since I don't care for water.

Other than the water, the other thing I'm proud of is that I've only had fast food ONCE in the past week. I was craving Chick-Fil-A one day and got a chargrilled sandwich on my lunch break, but other than that, nothing. I didn't realize it until today, but that Chick-Fil-A sandwich is also the only meat I've eaten since last Friday. The meatless diet was an accident due to a LOT of leftover risotto, but I haven't missed it one bit. I'll never become a vegetarian, but I think I will try to start incorporating more meat free days & meals into my lifestyle.

I'm going home to Charlotte tomorrow, so I hope I can keep up the progress while I'm on "vacation". When I get back, I'm going to have to get in the gym more. This has been a busy week, so I've only worked out maybe twice, but next week there are no excuses. Four to five days a week... hold me accountable for that!

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