Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ornament Topiaries

A few months ago I saw a tutorial for ornament topiaries on Pinterest. I love them because I love topiaries. And I thought they may be fun as centerpieces for our wedding reception in December.

I decided to make one this weekend to see how it would work. It would have sucked to get all the way to December to make one and find it didn't work for me.

Start with a wooden dowel & a styrofoam ball.

Buddy was intrigued.


The ornament part worked out really well. The pot is what I'm concerned about. I just bought a cheap terra cotta pot and painted it navy, but it's exactly that. A cheap pot. So that is definitely not working for me. I think I've decided to go with one from Ikea. It has a wider opening, so I think it will make the whole thing look more balanced.

I think the stick also needs to be shorter. But I do like that the stick is wrapped in navy ribbon. Our colors are navy, pink & green but it is pretty much impossible to find navy blue ornaments. So I thought that the navy ribbon was a nice way to incorporate the color into these.

I'm undecided if I want to use them for my centerpieces, but I'm happy I made one. Now I know it's definitely a feasible option.

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