Thursday, October 13, 2011

My entry way makes me smile =)

Last week I posted about my freshly striped walls. This past weekend, I painted the ugly trim a crisp, semi-gloss white. And while the room isn't finished, it's as done as it's going to get until Graham gets home. I had planned on painting the door blue, but I'm actually starting to run out of time. We're in the final month of this deployment (!!!) and I still have more projects to get done. And the door is ancient, ornate, cracked and ugly, so the plan is to replace it. So I'm not going to waste my time painting it. The ceiling also needs to be painted, but I don't do ceilings. I'm clumsy and that is just a disaster waiting to happen.

My Deployment To-Do List:
Paint the living room
Paint the guest room
Paint the entry way
Paint the kitchen
Prime the master bathroom
Paint the hall way
Paint the fireplace white
Paint as much trim as my patience can handle
Learn how to thread my sewing machine
Lose 30 pounds (17 pounds down!!!)

Some of these projects took longer than others (*ahem* epic accent wall in the living room and the entry way *ahem*) and then just throw in my natural laziness, my love of running around and window shopping on Saturdays, Frasier marathons, and I haven't gotten as much done as I hoped. I still have about a month, so I hope to get everything else checked off the list by Thanksgiving.

Anyways, I know the ugly trim probably wasn't a big deal to anyone but me, but now that it's white, I LOVE it. The room looks so fresh and walking by it just makes me smile. Everything from the crisp lines, the bright white trim, to the way the quatrefoil pattern reflects on the wall on a sunny day... I absolutely adore it. Now I just can't wait to accessorize it! The door will be blue someday. And we're definitely going to get a bigger rug for the space. This one is on loan from the kitchen, just so I could test for size and color. Honestly, I love this rug so much that if Target still sold it, I would so buy it the bigger size to go in here But they don't. But has some awesome options. Including one very pretty, but very non-bold one. So we'll see... I also want to do groups of frames on each wall. Not a full blown frame wall (we'll save that for the next house), but maybe like a cluster of 6 white Ikea frames. I'm invisioning some blue scrapbook paper as a sort of mat, and then pictures of us on one of the walls, and then amazing typographic things I've found on Pinterest on the other. But we'll see.

The rug actually belongs in the kitchen, but it's acting as a placeholder till I find one I love for in here.

I LOVE how bright it is in here!

This is one of my favorite things. It reflects on the floor and on the walls and I adore it.

Please ignore the random Sperry lying around. The living room is probably the messiest room on the planet at the moment.

And just because Buddy was being especially adorable, playful and photogenic today, here are a few of him. I did learn that when he's in such a playful mood, I have to walk backwards, otherwise he turns into a flying ninja and constantly jumps at my legs.


  1. If you need a new entry door, I actually sell them (and windows) for my "day job." Let me know if you want any more info - I'll cut you guys the best deal I can!


  2. Wow - congratulations on the weight loss! :)


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