Sunday, March 11, 2012

Perfect weekend, Instagram style =)

Epic husband & puppy goofiness.

No one's cat is as gorgeous as Buddy.

Sleepy puppy.

Lunch special (+ pickles) at the Hook.

The only acceptable way to eat fries is to douse them in hot sauce.

A sunny day means froyo. Topped with fruit. And cinnamon toast crunch.

Window shopping. Fell in love with this distressed pink sideboard.

And this amazing hammered table. (Both at Coming Home Interiors.)

Finally did something that inspired me on Pinterest AGES ago.

Buddy was especially michievious Sunday morning.

My awesome husband made us IHOP copycat pancakes, bacon & tea =)

Finally hung some of our beautiful wedding pictures in a display we LOVE.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

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