Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Changing the language on an iPhone 4

This post is more for my reference, but maybe it'll help someone else someday. (especially if the people in your life have the maturity of five year olds). Thankfully there is a Verizon store reallllly close, and so a guy there saved me from becoming a murderer. None of the help online was helpful, because it seems every iPhone has the settings set up differently. And when you don't even know what language you're looking at, you're pretty much SOL.

The gears stay the same. So go to settings, and then go to "general" (more gears).

2 boxes of 3, a box of one, a box of three. What you need is the box with 4.

Obviously, you want international (third box from the top).

Language (first box).

The language my phone was set to was the second one. So if it happens again, English should be the second one.


  1. Oh dear. I never thought about this and how I would switch the language back. So far my only nightmare has been my nephew playing angry birds and ordering extra eggs or something on my account. Thanks for the tutorial in case I ever have this issue!! :)


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