Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our house is finished.

Welcome to our home. No matter where we go, this little house in Arkansas will always be special to me. This was our first home as a married couple, and we transformed every inch of this place from a dark & dated 1976 house, to a bright & modern home.

The entry was way a project I tackled during the first deployment I endured out here. The contact paper window treatment & the striped walls rank very high on the list of things we've done to this place. This space was awful... splatter paint, the trim was sagging, the squares on the window treatment were drawn on with Sharpie and it had a hideous, ornate door knob.

I absolutely adore our living room. The biggest thing we did here was remove the brown trim & paint the fireplace white. The epic blue wall is without a doubt my favorite project in this house, but if that wall was the same pale gray as the others, it would still be a pretty room. The dark fireplace, the dark trim & the beige walls just sucked all of the light out of the room. I was a little scared about the fireplace once I started (it definitely took multiple coats of paint), but once I was finished & once Graham built his custom mantle, it absolutely made the room perfect

Oh, the kitchen. You guys have heard alllllll about this. It was worth all the work and every dime we spent. Our only regret is seriously that we waited so long to do it. When my mother-in-law saw the pictures she said that this sells the house. I hope she's right =) I just... oh my gosh. I think I've looked at the before and after pictures about a thousand times. I can't believe this bright, beautiful space was the same dark hole I've cooked in for two years.

The guest bathroom was the first complete room we finished. I remember that we were putting the finishing touches on a few days before we went home to get married. This bathroom started out as a purple & navy splatter painted hot mess with warped cabinets. Honestly, it's my least favorite of all we've done, due to the color. I've come to dislike the turquoise and will not use this color in the next house. I do love the light fixture, the curved shower rod, the framed mirror, and the vanity Graham built looks amazing. I may end up painting it...

Our master bathroom is another room we I wish we hadn't waited so long to complete, because it's one of the most beautiful (small) bathrooms I've ever been in. I adore the wallpaper, the accessories. It's so bright & airy and I just adore it. It's come a long way from the splatter paint & warped vanity.

The bedrooms were not that bad. Just bad wallpaper and they all needed new carpet. Our master bedroom originally had this border and dark blue paint job going on. The VERY first thing I did to the house was paint the accent wall green. I like bold colors, and all the gray was a little too blah for me. I remember I sent Graham a text and picture while he was at work that just said "don't get mad...". He absolutely loves it though, and the clock was just the sprinkles on an already perfect cake.

The hallway was simply painted & a new light fixture added. I know you can't tell from this picture, but it's frosted and pretty, where as the other one was gold & hideously old fashioned.

And last is the guest room. This was actually the room Graham slept in for the longest time. It started out beige, and I originally painted it the same turquoise as the bathroom. This past summer though I decided to change up the look and went with this dark & moody gray. This color is actually my favorite that I used in the house, and I definitely want to incorporate it in our next home. The other two rooms really aren't used for any thing, and are the same pale gray as the rest of the house. This is the only other bedroom besides the master that is special.

And there you have it. Two years worth of work and several thousand dollars later we're now ready to sell it. It's going on the market tomorrow (hopefully), and hopefully it'll sell quickly. I know we have to sell it, in order to buy a place in Virginia, but I'm going to miss our first home so much when we leave.


  1. How adorable!

    I'm hosting another green smoothie challenge with some really cute girlies - hope you'll join in again!

    here's the link if you'd like to check it out =)

  2. Yeah!! You did a fabulous job!!! And I have to admit that the green you used in your bedroom was at first a little shocking, but now I realize I LOVE it. And your bedspread is amazing!!

    1. Thanks! I felt the room needed some color, but I didn't want it to be overwhelming, and I knew that color had the potential to be. That's why I chose that wall... it has the least amount of actual wall =)

      And thank you! That bedspread started my love affair with the quatrefoil =)

  3. I love the pattern of your frosted window pane in the entry! Really great job...and welcome to Virginia!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty much obsessed with the quatrefoil. We're moving in July and it can not come soon enough! I can't wait to get back to the east coast.

  4. Love what you did with you first home! Who the heck thinks splattered paint looks good?!

    1. I thought the same thing (while silently cursing them ) every time I picked up a paint brush.

      And thank you! I love so much what we turned it in to!

  5. I'll see your splatter painted bathrooms and raise you a bathroom with BRIGHT peach paint & sand? mixed into it to give it texture, painted wood floors and a bathtub with peeling paint. Oh, and 'saloon sconces' for lighting. Shudder.


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