Friday, September 20, 2013

A Little Day Tripping =) (Part One)

While I'm currently counting down the days until we head to Boston (!!!), I realized I never posted about our fabulous Labor Day Weekend excursions.

One of the reasons I was most excited to move here was for all of the great places we could explore for day trip, and we took advantage of those places over Labor Day weekend. We decided to play tourist in Washington, DC and the Outer Banks. The weather was amazing, and we had SO much fun.

First, DC:

Road trips require stops at Dunkin' Donuts for a Strawberry Frosted... ;)

I had never been to the FDR Memorial before, but it was completely amazing. Quotes were all over the walls, and I really wish we could put into practice today what he said 60+ years ago. 

He always makes me think about my grandmother. She was a child of the depression and always talked about he was pretty much the savior of the world.

After that we walked back towards the Mall. 

We found the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, which I've also never been too. It was just as inspiring.

Everything in DC inspires me.

The Lincoln monument has always been, and will always be my favorite. Such an amazing man. However, from here on out I see Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln, and the real Lincoln looks odd to me...

We stopped by the World War II Memorial, and gave a shout out to our first home as a couple. 

What's awesome is that we were in DC back in 2009 and Graham took a picture in front of Arkansas, and he was less than happy about it. He said his opinion of Arkansas changed when I came out there =)

Really cool White House experience. There was a motorcade going on, taking foreign dignitaries to and from the house. And you could see a woman that was the same size & coloring as Michelle on the front porch... I'm just going to keep telling myself that it was definitely her =)

Love the old buildings.

Since the Washington Monument was closed, we went up in the old post office for views of the city. 

 We also went to Ford's Theatre and did their free tour. So. Freaking. Cool. They have a museum in the bottom of the theatre you can go through, and they have some fascinating information & artifacts. It's definitely worth checking out on your next visit. 

But of course, seeing his box where it actually happened gives you chills.

Across the street from the theatre is the house where Lincoln actually died. What's funny, is that we started off Labor Day weekend last year in Illinois looking at his tomb, and we spent this year doing other Lincoln related stuff. 

Mary Todd waited at this table for news on her husband...

The room where he died. The real bed he died in is on display at a history museum in Chicago. 

The house is also home to a very cool museum about Lincoln's death & the countries reaction to it, and a cool gift shop. This metal "book" statue extended throughout the whole thing, and was very, very cool.

I saw this t-shirt in the gift shop & couldn't resist =)

And onto the Capital Building; Graham's favorite. The inside was closed to tours, but the exterior was as gorgeous as ever. 

And our last stop was Georgetown Cupcakes...

The line was ridiculous, but the cupcakes were very good. At least the banana split one was. The frosting was the best I've had. The hazelnut one was very meh. The cupcake was dry and the ganache was a little too rich. So if you go there, get a cupcake with fluffy frosting. 

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