Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hermione's Snow Day (Part 2)

We got more snow this past week. A lot of snow. Well, maybe not a lot compared to my northern friends, but to a southern girl, 6-8 inches is a lot. Graham had to work late all week, and didn't get to enjoy it with Hermione. Luckily, he got off early on Friday, and we took advantage of the warm day and took the dog to Yorktown. Our normal spot was closed, so we took her to the battlefield, which turned out perfect. 

Our brilliant dog was scared of the snowman....
Graham amused himself by throwing snowballs at her. 
Once we finished walking around the battlefield, we walked around the town. I'm still in love with it, and some of my favorite houses are even more beautiful when covered in snow. 

We always see a massive amount of deer whenever we're in Yorktown and that day was no exception. We saw a group of them crossing the street and then hanging out in the cemetery. Such beautiful animals.

We ended the day with a walk along the beach. It was odd & beautiful seeing snow covering the sand. I'm so glad Graham was able to leave work early so we could have this wonderful day. 

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