Sunday, February 9, 2014

I love weekends.

I saw this image on Pinterest the other day, and it made me happy. 

As much as I love social media, I can understand how it can cause depression in some people. I follow people with amazing social lives & the coolest careers known to mankind. I don't have either of those things. For the most part I'm good with that, but I'm human and every so often I wish I had tons of friends and a job that sparked envy in strangers. 

This little image made me realize it's okay not to have an exciting life, as long as I'm happy with the one I have. And I am. I love my life, and even though Graham & I aren't the most exciting couple in the world, I wouldn't change it for anything. 

You guys know what's crazy? As much as I love sushi, we had our first sushi dinner in Virginia on Friday night. We moved here the last week of July... It's going to take time to discover restaurants we love as much as we loved our spots in Little Rock, and I think I'm so scared of being disappointed by a restaurant, I'd rather not give them a chance. We chose Kero Sushi in Yorktown, and the sushi was excellent.  More on that later. 

Graham is testing for a promotion on Wednesday, so he's been studying non-stop lately. While he studied, I spent my Friday night drinking wine and working on a puzzle of Boston. 

Saturday, we headed to the Home & Garden show in Richmond so I could FINALLY meet John & Sherry from Young House Love! They didn't come to Little Rock during their book tour last year. The closest they got was Dallas, which was six hours away! So, I was definitely going to make the hour drive to Richmond to meet my fantasy BFF's & get my copy of their book signed =)

We arrived in Richmond early and stopped by Homegoods, Hobby Lobby & Whole Foods before going to the convention center. Stopping in Whole Foods of course means getting some macaroni & cheese from their hot bar. Speaking of Whole Foods, I found out the other day that one is opening 1.8 miles from my apartment in Spring 2015. We will have this stuff for dinner every night... And vegan chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm not vegan, but those cookies are amazing!

We got to the home show, and while the show itself was disappointing, John & Sherry were every bit as adorable and charming as I was expecting. Graham kept noticing similarities between us and them. It totally sealed my belief that we should be friends with them. And Hermione should be friends with Burger.

So excited to meet them! I went completely star struck and forgot how to talk. Graham was very cool though. He complemented them on the built-in's in their new nursery while I stammered and blushed. 

All throughout Virginia, they have these cute LOVE signs at rest stops. We've passed this one a few times, and finally stopped for a picture. Luckily there was a nice lady there taking photos of it, and she took a few for us. 

We got home that night, and Graham went back to his studying, and I returned to my puzzle. A 1,000 piece puzzle, and when we finished we were missing three pieces. I wanted to curl up into a ball & cry. 

And for dinner we had epic homemade tomato soup & pesto grilled cheese sandwiches.

We had leftovers for dinner tonight. I took my sandwich to the next level by adding slices of tomato. I used to love adding tomato to my grilled cheeses when I was a kid, and this was so, SO good! The sandwich had a Caprese salad feel to it, with the mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Oh my gosh we need to be friends. Let's make plans to do something one day. Even if it's just meet for coffee/tea. I know this may make me sound crazy and pathetic but I only have one friend here in Newport News (aside for my husband who works a totally different schedule than me!) OH - and in my opinion, you definitely picked the right sushi place. It is my favorite here. Hands down. A good runner up though is Hayashi in city center. :)

    1. Let's do lunch this week. I only have about one friend here too, so it'll be really nice to meet someone new!

      And I'll add Hayashi to my "to try" list. Kero was amazing though. The dumplings we ordered for an app were awful, but the sushi MORE than made up for it!


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