Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Restaurant Review: Kero Sushi

Graham and I love sushi. It's always been one of my top choices for a date night. When we moved to Virginia last summer, we had a few mediocre dinners out, so I was scared to try any of the sushi places I had bookmarked.

We got good news last week, so to celebrate we decided to go out for dinner, and Graham suggested sushi. I picked Kero Sushi. It had excellent reviews on Urbanspoon & it was close by. When we arrived, there was a short wait. The restaurant is on the small side, and the only open spots were at the bar.

Once seated, we ordered drinks and were brought complimentary soup or salad. Graham had the soup, which was delicious. The salad was okay. We ordered the Gyoza for an appetizer, and they were awful. They weren't fresh, and when they were steamed, there wasn't enough liquid. The tops were hard, while the bottoms were soft. They had no flavor, and to be honest we were a little worried about the quality of the sushi.

We ordered four rolls, the Lovers Roll, the Independent Roll, the Rainbow Roll & the Dynamite Roll. All four were absolutely fabulous. 

The Independent was Graham's favorite. It had a decent sized piece of fresh jalapeno inside and definitely had a kick to it. My favorite was the Rainbow, of course =) Instead of having a slice of avocado on top, there was a huge chunk inside, and a significant amount of cucumber. It tasted fresh & so delicious. The Lover's Roll was delicious, and the fact that is was heart shaped was just absolutely adorable. I thought it was *almost* too pretty to eat!

The Dynamite Roll was not what either of us were expecting, but I guess neither of us read the menu description close enough. It was delicious though. The baked fish on top was excellent, and the roll itself was pretty standard. They went together perfectly. 

Kero is definitely our go-to sushi spot at the moment. Just do yourself a favor & skip the warm appetizers. Order an extra roll or some edamame if you're extra hungry.  

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