Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Monograms

Like almost every southern woman, I love monograms. If I could, I would have an embroidery machine and I would monogram everything Graham & and I own. 

One day I will have an embroidery machine (I should probably learn to use a sewing machine first...), but for now I'll just pin all kinds of fabulous monogrammed things and give Etsy shops way too much of my money. 

Here are some of the monogrammed things I'm really loving right now. 

Monogrammed J. Crew chino shorts. So cute. 

I'm not nearly in shape enough to wear this, but I adore it. 

I need the duffel. With pink script, please. 

How cute is this monogrammed stationary? 

Graham is being stubborn, but this pillow is eventually going to find its way onto our bed. 


  1. Everything is adorable!!! especially the bag... what isn't adorable- imagining me in that bathing suit!!! :)

    1. Unfortunately, I know =/ As much as I love it, no one would want to see me in that either!


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