Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup

I think I may start a 3rd blog... a soup blog. Because I really love soup! And the pot I made today was absolutely delicious and I wanted to share it.

The soup I made today is based on this recipe, but with some serious changes.
  1. This recipe only calls for 2 cups of stock, and that wasn't nearly enough for me. Granted, I used more noodles (I used a cup instead of half a cup) & added chicken. I used 6 cups of stock and this is a VERY chunky soup.
  2. I added 2 cut up chicken breasts.
  3. One thing Rachel Ray drills into you is that frozen spinach is the best value in the grocery store, and she's dead on. I used a box of Harris Teeters frozen spinach (it was $1.oo).
The soup is so delicious and so economical (even with the chicken). This recipe cost less than $10.00 and after portioning it out, I got 10 servings out of it. The only soup you'd get for that cheap at the store (without using coupons or a good sale) is the generic, small cans of chicken noodle (with those microscopic pieces of chicken) or tomato.

Cost breakdown:
  • Chicken: $2.00 (It was on sale at HT for buy 1 pack, get 2 free. So I got 3 packs of chicken breasts for $6.00.)
  • Garbanzo beans: $0.59
  • Canned tomatoes: $1.47
  • Spinach: $1.00
  • Broth: $1.50
  • Onion: $1.47
  • Herbs & spices: $0.00 (I keep a very well stocked spice rack)
Total: $8.03!!!

(Ignore the crappy camera phone pic)

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