Monday, January 31, 2011

Restaurant Review: Salut Bistro

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I'd give Salut a score of 6/10. The food was good, but customer service is very important to me, and the lack of good service here was appalling.

However, this place is definitely worth a try. I think we just came on an off night, service wise. They seemed a little under staffed. We waited a while for pretty much everything, they were out of several liquors and when they brought us bread and some dipping sauces they just sat them down without telling us what they were. And when we asked, they didn't even know what they were. What was amazing about that is I think he was the owner or the manager... they were tasty, and we figured it out by tasting (a fresh tomato sauce; tasted very fresh & was delicious, a garlic sauce; I didn't care for it, and a balsamic vinegarette; which was delicious).

Anyways. I had a glass of the Moscoto and my fiance had a Crown & Coke, which he said was average. He had ordered a Jack & Coke, but they were out of Jack. The Moscoto was delicious and we were going to get a bottle after I had my glass, but they were out of that as well, so I had a glass of the Riesling. It was delicious and super sweet. It was annoying though that our glasses were empty for at least 5-10 minutes. When no one paid us any attention, I moved them to the very corner of the table hoping someone would notice.

We ordered the stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, and those were fantastic. They were stuffed with feta, which is pretty much the best cheese ever made, as well as parmesan. The sauce they were served in was so good. I ordered the chicken marsala and he had the chicken cannelloni. Both were very good, but could have used some improvements. My chicken needed salt like whoa. And his could have used some more tomato sauce. He loved it, but I could taste the ricotta more than I could taste anything else.

The food was good, but the atmosphere left a lot to be desired. The inside is VERY small, and it seems a little cluttered and junky. I'll definitely return, but maybe on a week night, to see if the service is better.

I also highly recommend going to and getting a gift certificate before going. I paid $2.00 for our $25.00 gift certificate, and after the discount and tip our total was $43.00. That is for 2 glasses of wine, a cocktail, a beer, an appetizer and two entrees. We spend more than that for lunch at Chili's!


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  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog (arkansas foodies) and giving us a look!

    We have passed by Salut many times and never really gave it a second thought--if it weren't for the service we may consider going there.
    Although i am a sucker for stuffed mushrooms! my weakness!


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