Saturday, May 7, 2011

Graham's last day here

My husband deployed this morning. For six months. Yeah, it sucks. But yesterday was amazing. We spent the day together just walking around downtown and eating fantastic food and just enjoying each others company. I'm going to miss him like you would not believe and I can't wait for him to be home so we can have more days like yesterday.

We started out with lunch at Copper Grill. The food was fantastic (best fries I've had in Arkansas), but the service was horrible. Service means a lot to me, especially in this economy. So many people out there are unemployed, so I think that people who are employed in the service industry should go above and beyond.
Granted, we came in in jeans and t-shirts, when the rest of their customers were obviously business people on lunch breaks, but that is no excuse for bad service. We waited forever for someone to acknowledge us. We waited forever for our drinks to arrive. And we waited for about 30ish minutes for our food to arrive. I had a salmon burger and he had a catfsh po-boy. It should NOT have taken that long. Especially when everyone else there (all 2-3 tables of people) already had food, so obviously the kitchen wasn't that busy.

Graham had a catfish po'boy, which was delicious. The fish had tons of flavor. The sandwich was crispy and not the least bit soggy and the fries... o'boy =) Let's just say I'm glad my burger came with fries too, or I would have eaten all of his. They were some of the best I've ever had.


I had the salmon burger with wasabi coleslaw. It needed more salt, but otherwise was fantastic. Honestly, I was expecting the salmon burgers I make (with canned salmon), so this was different but a very good flavor combination. I don't love wasabi, so I was hesitant, but it wasn't an overpowering flavor, just a distinct something in the background.

The food was excellent, but the service was awful. Not sure if I'll be back, which is unfortunate considering those delicious fries...

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We continued our day at this cool bookstore we both love, River Market Books & Gifts. It's run by the library and they sell used books for fantastic prices. I bought two books for $4.00. And they have some funky gift items there, including these hand-carved canes Graham always amuses himself with.


We even stopped in the Clinton Museum Store, even though neither of us are a fan of the former president. I most certainly do NOT miss Bill, fyi.

Next, we continued our tour of some of our favorite places in Little Rock and headed out towards Kavanaugh. There is a cupcake place on Kavanaugh that I used to love, but fruit topped frozen yogurt beats out overly iced, dry cupcakes every time. I prefer the places where you top your yogurt yourself and it's weighed by the pound, but Red Mango is delicious.

We headed home after our yogurt and a little window shopping, and Graham gave me my birthday present: my giant fork! I saw this at Pier One back in October and I've wanted it ever since. But ever since giving up my well paying job & moving out her, I've become more frugal and couldn't justify $70 for a metal fork. Even though we agreed no birthday presents, he surprised me with this and I was so excited.

We ended our day with dinner at Bonefish and curling up together, talking, crying, not going to sleep and dreading the very early morning goodbye. Now I'm just anxious for the summer to fly by and for him to be back here where he belongs. If anyone is religious, please keep him and a safe return for him and every other service member in your prayers.

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