Saturday, May 21, 2011


So, ever since I saw this idea on Pinterest, I've been obsessed with recreating it in our home. We had planned on painting the small wall in the living room a bold color anyways, so I decided this would be perfect for that wall. I don't have the patience to do one of the big walls. And I'm not big on patterns so I worried it would be too much.


The wall is painted "Daring Indigo". It's a flat paint.
  1. The top choice is the same shade, but high gloss.
  2. The middle shade is the high gloss blue mixed with a little gray. It's the gray I'm going to use to paint the rest of the living room.
  3. The bottom shade is the gray. 
I really like all three and I absolutely can't decide. I love the contrast of the gray, but I can't decide if it would be TOO much contrast. I also love that you can barely see the top one unless the light hits it right. I think it's kind of cool. Someone walks in and sees a bright blue wall. A wall that bold is shocking enough. But when you get up to it and see a design hand painted on the whole wall... I think it's an awesome surprise. But then again.... it's going to take me FOREVER to cover the wall in that design, so I kinda want people to notice it as soon as they see it.

I have decided that if I go with the gray, I'm going to get it in a high gloss as well. I really like the shine that the other two options have.

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