Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Restaurant Review: So!

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This post is about two months old. It's been a while since I last ate there, but I found these pictures on my phone and had to write about one of my favorite restaurants in Little Rock.

Graham and I have only had the pleasure of eating there twice. Each time we've gone, we've spent well over $100 (even with Restaurant.com coupons), so we save it for special evenings.

The food is first class, the atmosphere is very low key and romantic, the wine list is amazing. The service... well. The first time we went it was amazing. This past time it was terrible. But more on that later.

We got there at about 7:00, and there was no wait (but that's a given for most of the nicer restaurants in the area...). We were seated immediately, at a very small table in the corner. The table was small, but I'm fine with that. What I wasn't fine with was the AC vent blowing right on me. But it had to be blowing somewhere, so that's not something I'll complain about.

What I will complain about was the incredibly slow, mediocre, completely uninterested server we had. It took forever to get our drinks. It took forever for him to take our orders. It took beyond forever for our food to come out. But what absolutely KILLED me? He never told us the specials. I was fine with that until I heard the waiter tell the table next to us what they were... Unfortunately it was way too late for us at that point. We had already finished our appetizer about 15 minutes prior, so we were sure our food would be out shortly.

The appetizer was delicious, by the way. We ordered the blackened seafood fondue. And it was incredible. I would have been quite content eating it with a spoon.

Blackened seafood fondue

About 20 minutes later, we finally received our entrees.

And the food is good enough to put up with bad service. Well, mine was. I ordered the seared scallops with the squid ink linguine. Don't be intimidated by the black pasta. It is absolutely delicious and the scallops were huge, tender and absolutely melted in your mouth.

Seared scallops with squid ink linguine

Graham ordered the lamb chops and wasn't impressed, but that may or may not have been the restaurants problem. He had never had lamb chops before and wanted to try them. Based on the quality of every dish I've had here, I think he just doesn't have a taste for lamb. I don't eat lamb, so I don't have an opinion to offer.

Lamb chops with wild mushroom risotto
I can't wait to make another visit to his place. I think this will be our first "date night" when he gets back from his deployment. That's definitely a special occasion =)

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