Monday, June 27, 2011

Visions of Cake Wrecks dancing in my head...

January 3, 2010: I discover Cake Wrecks. Yes, I remember the exact date. Graham was about to leave to go back to Arkansas. We were in Borders and looking at the humorous books and I (because as my hips will tell you, am drawn to anything with the word "cake" in the title) pick up Cake Wrecks.

Side note: Unfamiliar with Cake Wrecks? Buy. The. Book. Right. This. Moment. It is laugh out loud funny. We were laughing so hard in Borders it was difficult to breathe.

Anyways. Cake Wrecks is a collection of absolutely horrible, tacky, ridiculous cakes that are made by professional bakers. Some of the cakes are technically good, but the customer has horrible taste. Some of the cakes make you literally *facepalm*

This one is my all time favorite.

Well, initially when Graham and I were planning a casual wedding, I wanted to make cupcakes for it myself. However, this thing is getting fancier and fancier by the day. And as a lover of all things cake related, I just can't pass up my one chance to have a fancy, elaborate, beautiful, creative cake.

But back to the topic of my fear of what a professional wedding cake could turn out like. Look at this one.


A customer wanted this cake. She took the image to a baker. She even brought in the brown ribbon that she wanted use. Want to imagine what her actual cake ended up looking like?



I. Would. Absolutely. Die. I mean, I'm hoping she didn't just call a baker out of the phone book and go with it. I'm hoping she went to a tasting, looked at the persons pictures, etc. Basically all the things you SHOULD do when you're spending a lot of money on a cake. Based on how many of these types of "wrecks" you can find on Cake Wrecks, I have a feeling she did. So... what do I do? How in the world do I ensure that I don't end up with a mess on my big day? I'm worried enough that people won't come, since we're having it on a Friday. I'm worried enough that the freaking USAF is going to screw with my plans yet again. I really don't have time time or energy to worry this much about a cake. But I can't help it. Not to mention the cake I want is a little more complex... It's not just roud or square tiers with some tastefully positioned flowers or ribbon...

Can you even begin to imagine the catastrophe that I could end up with?

Maybe I better bake a hundred or so cupcakes just in case...

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