Monday, July 11, 2011

Blueberry Banana Bread

Click here for the recipe.

It seems like banana bread is in the air right about now. Emily over at Daily Garnish blogged about a beautiful blueberry banana bread last week and then a few days ago Christina over at Hungry Meets Healthy blogged about banana bread as well. I had some ripening bananas on the counter and Sunday Fresh Market had organic blueberries on sale, so I knew I had to make Emily's recipe.

This bread is light, moist and so delicious. The fresh blueberries gave the most delicious, pop of freshness. The bread wasn't incredibly sweet, but that's okay in my opinion. I don't like overly sweet breads, after all, if I were looking for a dessert, I would have made cupcakes.

I tried something different this time though. I threw the bananas in the food processor instead of mashing them, and I was really happy with how well that worked. I had never pureed bananas for a bread before, but this worked out really well. I made very few changes to the recipe. I used three smallish bananas instead of 2 large ones, and I used one 6 ounce container of Greek Yogurt instead of 1/2 a cup.

This bread is delicious and so summery. I definitely recommend it!

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