Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gigi's Cupcakes

A week ago today I was making the very LONG trip from Little Rock to Charlotte. By car. With a cat.

It was a looooooong drive.

Anyways. I stopped in Nashville to get gas and I was filled with excitement when I stopped at a red light and saw Gigi's Cupcakes on the corner.

I LOVE cupcakes. LOVE them. And the shop was cute and I thought a cupcake would definitely make the car ride a little more enjoyable. So, I manuevered into the parking lot (the parking lot was a pain!) and went inside to get a cupcake.

The shop was cute and the girls behind the counter were friendly. As it was close to the end of the day, they only had a few left. Mostly vanilla and chocolate. I'm not a fan of "plain" cupcakes. I like special flavors. But then I saw it: a lemon icebox cupcake.

I picked that one and oh my goodness was I happy with my decision. The cupcake was a "lemon cake filled with cream cheese, topped with a lemon cream cheese frosting and crushed vanilla wafers" (from the website) and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. It was by far one of the BEST cupcakes I have ever had. It surpassed everything I've tried at Cupcakes on Kavanaugh in Little Rock and Polka Dot Bake Shop in Charlotte.

Unlike CoK, the cake was MOIST and so light and fluffy. Don't get me wrong, CoK has tasty cupcakes. The flavor is good, but the icing is overly sweet and the cake is dry. This cupcake was perfection. I purchased it at nearly 6:00, didn't eat it till almost 10:00 and it was still so moist and the frosting was so creamy.

I also really loved their packaging. Without asking, they put the cupcake in one of their cute pale green boxes and sealed it with a pink and white sticker. I loved that they just gave you the box and didn't charge extra. At Polka Dot and CoK they put the cupcakes in a paper bag unless you're willing to pay extra for a box and the frosting ends up smooshed.

My only complaint with the cupcake? So. Much. Frosting. It was fine in this case because it wasn't ridiculously sweet, but it was still a lot of frosting. But the amount of frosting will not be enough to stop me from going back to Gigi's next time I make that very long, very painful drive.

The ride home was long, but so cute thanks to Buddy. He is officially the cutest cat ever.

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