Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheap & Easy Stocking Holders

Graham and I went and bought decorations this weekend, and we decorated our Christmas tree Monday night. It's our first Christmas as a married couple, so I was pretty excited.

For years I have been using an awesome, personalized Cinderella stocking that Brittany bought me a very long time ago and a matching Cinderella stocking holder I got at the online Disney store on clearance. As much as I love them both, neither are really "me" anymore. And none of the ones I saw at Target or Hobby Lobby really did anything for me. Well, that's not true. The expensive ones did, but I've become frugal and since we would need four (one for Buddy and one for our future dog), I wasn't willing to fork out $60 for stocking holders.

Anyways. They had a pack of two VERY simple ones for $7.20. Perfect. So, we bought those and I came up with what I thought was a cute (and very cheap!) way to jazz them up a little.

The gold paint on my nail is why you have to cover the whole ornament in painters tape.

Step One: Cover shatterproof ornament in painters tape, draw the shape or initial you're wanting and cut it out with an exacto knife.

Step Two: Spray paint the opening.This isn't entirely necessary, but I tried it first by just gluing the glitter directly to the ball, and you could see the color through the white glitter. The initial didn't stand out as much, so I decided to spray it with champagne colored Krylon spray paint first, and then glue over that.

Step Three: Using a foam brush, spread a heavy layer of Mod Podge over the cut out, and then cover in glitter. I used Twinklets Diamond Dust ($5.00 at Hobby Lobby; that Amazon price is CRAZY), because I had it leftover from a wedding project, but any glitter would work. I love this stuff, because it's not like regular glitter. It looks like large, sparkly white sugar and is so pretty. Shake the excess off and let dry.

Step Four: Pull off the remaining tape and voila!

I used my trusty glue gun to glue the ornament to the inexpensive silver stocking holder, tied some greenery up with a red ribbon and glued that down as well.

These were so cheap and easy, and fun to do! Graham and I sat on the couch with my art supplies, Frasier in the DVD player and had a fun night =)

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