Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Sushi Cafe

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Over a year ago, Graham and I had pretty much the worst experience ever at Sushi Cafe and I vowed never, ever to return there again. Ever.

However, the sushi is good. Really good. So my resolve only lasted a year. We did decide to go back. On a weeknight this time. I'm happy to say that we had a much better experience, and the food is still delicious.

Our visit was better right off the bat. When we arrived, we were greeted instantly and immediately taken to a table. We hadn't been there since they had renovated and the decor is awesome. It's beautiful, modern, and trendy. However, a lot of recent reviews talk about how much bigger it is, and how much more seating they have, but they really don't. They've created a large seating area in the front, where four small tables used to be, but there really aren't that many more tables. I can see it still being chaotic there on the weekends.

The menu has gotten bigger, and had more variety. And although everything on the menu sounded good, we were there for the sushi.

We did start with an order of wok fired edamame. This was really good, but I definitely prefer the traditional edamame. The sriracha was completely overwhelming. Our food came out really quickly after the edamame, so we ate that and the sushi together, and it was not a flavor combination that went well together.

For our main course, we ordered four rolls: Spice Girls, Oh My Gosh, the Bomb and a rainbow roll (my favorite). The Bomb was Graham's all time favorite, and it was one he had looked forward to as soon as I decided to give this place another shot. It was delicious, but he decided it was no longer his favorite. Spice Girls was my favorite of the evening. It was delicious, and was topped with a spicy sauce that gave it some heat, but wasn't overpowering. The Oh My Gosh was awesome, and the rainbow was amazing as usual. The fish tasted so fresh and I could have eaten about five of them.

All in all it was a much better experience, and I'm glad we gave it another shot. We don't have much longer here, and it really is the best sushi in Little Rock. Just don't go on a Saturday. Don't put yourselves through that kind of agony. Unless you know the owner of course, and a little nepotism comes into play (I may still be a little bitter).

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