Saturday, June 30, 2012

June-stagram =)

Well, it's that time... time for me to throw out my favorite instagram photos of the month =)

I am really surprised that so few of my friends use it. I wish more did, because I'd love to follow more people, and of course have a few more followers myself. If you're a fellow instagram addict (and don't mind being bombarded with photos of my adorable fur kids), follow me (stayinggolden83) and leave your name so I can follow you!

No cat is as beautiful as him.
Sweet, sleepy girl.
LOVE the folded paws!
This made Graham happy =)
Love the reflection of the clouds in the water.
Graham needs to steal this sign.
Pretty clouds & C-130's
Decent grocery store sushi... the Outerbanks Roll
Cutest pets/bff's ever =)
Buddy wants to go visit Graham...
I love evening walks... just me & the pup.
C-130's are the bane of my existence.
I never realized how much my fish face looks like a kissy face.
Love this picture: My view at the end of my 6 miles with Hermione.

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