Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A weekend filled with cats, food & wallpaper struggles.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I took Friday off of work, and other than an excruciating headache, it was a wonderful weekend.

 We started with some cat cuteness, as Buddy & Charlotte investigated the pineapple.

I made really delicious dinners.

Roasted Brussels sprouts & carrots, garlic & herb tilapia, & greek orzo.
Roasted broccoli, grilled pork tenderloin & hasselback potatoes.

I baked. A lot. I blame hormones. And headaches. And the fact that chocolate does cure any & everything that ails you.

Whoopie Pies with strawberry cream cheese frosting
Rolled in sprinkles for added festive-ness =)
Homemade brownies with Grater's Mint Chocolate Chip
Saturday, we had a date night at Sushi Cafe. 

Wasabi steamed pork dumplings. Amazing.
We devoured this platter of sushi!

And 9 months after we initially demo-ed the bathroom, we finally did something else to it. And keeping with tradition, nothing went smoothly. FYI: check batch numbers very carefully when buying multiple rolls of wallpaper. 

Oh well... it'll be really pretty when it's finished. 

Wallpaper going up... (and no, those are not stylized rain clouds =))
LOVE the pearliness of the lines in this.
I absolutely can not wait to see it finished.

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend! I hate that I feel like I'm wishing away my life, but I'm so glad we're already one day closer to Friday!


  1. This was all in one weekend? Whew, I'm impressed. Your plating is beautiful, by the way!

    1. We're moving in 4 months (eeeek!) so we're staying pretty busy these days. And thank you!


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