Friday, January 11, 2013

Restaurant Review: Miguel's

I love sushi and beautiful, upscale gourmet restaurants, exotic foods and trendy decor. That being said, one of my absolutely favorite restaurants of all time is a dingy, hole in the wall on the west side of Charlotte: Miguel's.

I remember the first time I ate here. It was near my best friend's home, and a huge group of us went one day. I wasn't an adventurous eater then, so I ordered something that looked pretty tame. I had the nacho cheese burritos, with chicken. That was in 2001 and for the past 12 years I have ordered the same thing every time I visit.

There is a short list of "must visit" places every time we go home, and Miguel's is #1 on that list. When you pull into their gravel parking lot, look past the outside of the building and it's location. When you get inside, look past the decor & the cracked, red vinyl booths. Take a seat (there is no host/hostess, just sit where you want), dive in to the chips and salsa (I could eat their salsa with a spoon!) and get ready to enjoy a truly delicious meal.

This visit Graham & I both began our meal with a margarita. We were heading to a movie after dinner, so I got a small one. If you're not going to sit through a three hour, really depressing musical (Les Miserables... really good, though) order a pitcher. They had them on special that night and it the pitcher was cheaper than what we spent on the drinks we ordered. Graham thought his was weak, and ordered an extra shot of tequila, I thought mine was perfect.

We devoured two baskets of chips and salsa while waiting for our meal. Finally, it arrived. We were starving, and of course this was the one time that the service was slow. But our food came out and it was worth the wait. I know these burritos don't look like much... but oh baby.

Nacho Cheese Burritos; $7.75

The cheese sauce is absolutely delicious, and the inside of the burrito is stuffed with huge chunks of chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes & onions. Every single bite is delicious. I was craving some black beans too, so I ordered a dish on the side. Black beans are usually pretty bland at most restaurants, and these were too. But a spoonful of the delicious salsa and some salt worked wonders.

Graham is a little more diverse in his meal selections than I am. I find something I like, and I tend to stick with it. He typically gets something different each time. This time he ordered the Enchiladas De Chorizo. This was excellent. The chorizo was perfectly cooked and really flavorful.

Three enchiladas filled with Mexican sausage, covered with shredded cheddar cheese & green sauce. Served with rice, lettuce & pico de gallo.

Enchiladas De Chorizo; $9.95

Miguel's is truly on my list of my favorite restaurants of all time. The food is delicious, the service is quick and the staff is always pleasant. The same people have worked there forever, and back when I still lived in Charlotte and ate there every week, my server would bring me a sweet tea without even asking. And the price absolutely can not be beat. Dinner, margaritas & tip cost us about $42.
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