Sunday, March 10, 2013

Master bathroom DONE!

This weekend we were able to mark a very significant item off of our big ass house to-do list: the master bathroom is finally finished.

You guys have NO idea how amazing it feels to have this bathroom finished. It has been sitting in shambles for almost a year. In January we finally started working on it again, and while it took a longer than we anticipated, it was absolutely worth it. The bathroom is small, and I wish it had a tub, but despite the tub, it is one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen.

I'm going to stop rambling now and let the beautiful bathroom speak for itself.

Graham had to custom build the vanity. If you remember from my original bathroom post, the floor is unfinished under the vanity. And of course it was an odd size. So our options were to finish the floor, or build a custom vanity. Graham loves woodworking, so he built this.

Doesn't even look like the same bathroom, does it?

Framing out the mirror made SUCH a huge difference. I think that this is something small and fairly simple that makes such a huge difference and makes the room look and feel so much finished.

The cubby hole is probably my favorite thing in the bathroom (other than the quatrefoil wallpaper). The cubby hole is a massive waste of space, and if we had more time and an unlimited budget, I would have liked to knock through the wall, dry wall it up and put in a bathtub. But, that wasn't in the budget or the time frame that we're dealing with. The door that Graham built looks absolutely beautiful. I love the glass, I love the hardware. I love that it makes it look a little bit bigger and gives you a focal point other than the teeny tiny shower.

The shower door was cracked and busted before, and was potentially going to shoot our budget through the roof, when Lowe's quoted us $600-$700 to have one custom made. But by doing a little research, we found a company online that made one for about $150.

Love the light fixture! 

And I love having this view from my bed. 

I absolutely could not be happier with this bathroom. It is so beautiful and Graham did such an amazing job! Now, onto the kitchen...

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  1. It looks amazing!!! I am so jealous that your hubby has such mad carpenter skills. Now send him on over to my place! Ohio is right around the corner.....


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