Monday, March 4, 2013

So very thankful...


Today's healthysELF challenge is to make a list of 20 things we're thankful for.

(If you're not doing the challenge, you should sign up. I'm constantly inspired by the women who are a part of this group. Some motivate me by being fitness powerhouses and the others motivate me by being normal women facing the same struggles I am. It's not just about fitness, it's about a healthier, happier lifestyle.)

I'm thankful for SO many things. I know we all get bogged down by what's going wrong in our lives. I'm especially guilty of that, because I'm a spoiled brat and a good chunk of my life is controlled by the Air Force. I hate that. I hate not getting my way. And I lose track of everything that is good in my life and focus on the "woe is me" nonsense.

So, here goes. Twenty things I'm thankful for.

1) My husband. In my post this morning I gushed about his amazing home improvement skills, but he's just an amazing person period and I'm so lucky to have him. Five years ago I was dating someone I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with. He ended things out of the blue and I thought I'd be alone forever. Graham came along, and completely rocked my world. It hasn't been easy (long distance, deployments, even a brief break-up), but we always come through anything thrown at us stronger than we were before.

2) My family. It's been my mom, my brother and I pretty much forever. My brother and I don't get along very well most of the time, but I would do anything for him & I know he would do anything for me. And I have pretty much the greatest mother in the history of the world. She has been a single mother since I was 6 years old. When I moved from Charlotte to Little Rock two years ago, leaving her behind was the hardest part.

Photo by JJ Horton Photography

3) Amazing friends. I don't have many friends, but the ones I have are amazing. I've been hurt by people over the years, and find it difficult to trust or confide in people. But the friends I have are real, true friends. The kind of friends you don't see for months, but once you're together it's like you've never been apart. And I absolutely love that.

4) Most awesome cat EVER. Buddy is the furry love of my life, and I can't imagine what my life would have been like if we hadn't adopted him (adopt don't shop!).

5) Hermione. This is the sweetest, most loving, affectionate dog ever. I didn't think I'd survive her puppy days, but we've both made it through and I could not ask for a better dog.

6) Charlotte. She's our newest furchild. She'd not as loving & affectionate as Buddy & Hermione. She actually hates Hermione. But she loves Buddy. The cuteness when they curl up together turns me into a puddle of goo. And she's a constant source of comic relief.

7) A job that I enjoy. In this economy, having a job at all is a blessing. But having a job you actually like? Holy crap. I LOVE that. I love not dreading going to work every day. I love working with people who like me, respect me, tease me, gush about my cupcakes. I don't make a lot, and I'm not using the degree I worked so hard for, but that's okay. There's time for all of that when we move.

8) Our upcoming move to Virginia. I like my job, and I like the people I've met here, but Arkansas isn't home. It isn't close. Not to mention it's 12 hours away from Charlotte. We're moving to Virginia in June, and we'll be 6 hours away from Charlotte. I can't wait. It's going to be amazing to be able to attend family reunions, birthday parties for my BFF's little girl, fun concerts, football games at my alma matter. We're going to be so much closer to people and places we love and I can't wait for that.

9) Our home. We have a nice home, in a safe area. It's warm & cozy, beautifully decorated (if I may say so myself), and I'm thankful that I get to pull into that drive way every day after work.

10) My health. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, which I know is silly. I have two friends with health problems bad enough that they won't have the big families they always have dreamed about. I'm healthy and would probably have no problem having a dozen children, and I don't want children. I feel like that's some sort of bad joke, but still. I don't take as good of care of myself as I should, but God has seen to it that I am very healthy both physically & mentally. Whenever I was little, and I would see someone who did have whatever serious illness, my grandmother would tell me to always remember: "there but for the grace of God goes I", and those words have always stuck with me.

11) I have in-laws I like (this is a HUGE deal after hearing horror stories from friends of mine). They are kind, sweet, thoughtful people and I'm so thankful to have married into such a nice family.

Photo by JJ Horton Photography

12) I'm thankful that several cable channels still constantly run reruns of Frasier & the Golden Girls.

13) I'm thankful that there are men & women who willingly serve in the military. I sure don't want to do it, and I don't envy them.

That bald head at the top of the photo is my husband =)

14) My college degree. That piece of paper means so much to me. Even though it's not getting used. Even though I owe more in student loans than I do on my car...

15) The Internet. How did we ever survive without it? I spend more time online than I should, my husband tells me that I'm addicted to social media, and I threw a temper tantrum when my computer died two summers ago. Don't care. The Internet is such a wealth of information and the way I stay connected to everyone in my life. I am thankful for it every. single. day.

16) My favorite blogs. I love blogs. I barely even read magazines anymore, because I get SO much from the blog world. I feel like I'm constantly saying "Well, John & Sherry did this..." and "You should see what Christina or Jen ate!" I love the food, the home projects, the health tips... I love it all.

17) Cupcakes. Especially Banana pudding cupcakes.

18) I will be forever thankful that my friend Heather started dating (and eventually married) Stephen. He broadened her food horizons, and she broadened mine. I wouldn't love sushi, Indian food, Thai food, martinis, or a lot of other things I'm sure, if it weren't for them.

19) Harry Potter. Don't laugh, but that series changed my life. When my ex and I broke up after 5 years together, there was a huge void in my life. My friends and my mom were great, but they all had their own stuff going on. I had recently read the first book for my children's lit class, and a college friend bargained with me to read the rest. That series filled a void in me. It's not just a children's series about witches, wizards & magic. It's a series that could (and should) speak to everyone. It teaches compassion and kindness. It stresses the importance of bravery, courage and intelligence over selfishness and spitefulness. Above all it's an amazing story of true friendship and how good can overcome evil. Thinking about these books gives me chills.


20) Thankful that I wake up every morning and have another chance to be the best wife, daughter, friend, fur mom, employee, PERSON that I know how to be.


  1. Wonderful Post. You have inspired me to create my own list. Thank you for always having such fun and inspiring post. Reading your blog is a highlight of my day!!

    1. Yay! That makes my day! And I'm so glad I inspired you =)


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