Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ugliest Kitchen Ever.

Being a procrastinator isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being married to one isn't a bad thing. But it does make life a little more complicated.

Graham is leaving for training in Texas pretty soon (like, less than two weeks), and the kitchen is the last major thing on our house to-do list. He took the week off work this week to get it, done, but it's safe to say he has his work cut out for him. 

Hopefully I'll have some after pics of this transformation to share on Sunday, but for now I leave you with the ugliest kitchen ever.

 The green counter tops are ugly, but they're in really good shape. Pretty much the only thing that is... 

The geniuses that lived here before us covered the wood paneling with wallpaper... but didn't go all the way up. Instead of doing it right, they attached an ugly piece of trim to the top to cover it . Eventually, someone painted over the wallpaper... Anyways, Graham ripped all of this down and is putting up new drywall.

Hideous, ancient appliances... 

By the end of day one, this is what we're left with. I honestly thought this kitchen couldn't get any uglier. Although now as we're going into day four, I realize I've said this every single day.

We're reusing the top cabinets, just making new doors. He does have to build new bottom cabinets, since a certain puppy I kind of love chewed them up during her chewing days... My job in this was removing the multiple layers of hideous, really sticky shelf paper that they used.

Graham actually decided to remove the bulkheads and open up the tops of the counters. It makes the room look so much more open & now that the sink isn't boxed in it looks so much brighter.

Since we're removing the bulkheads, we have to add on to the wall behind the cabinets. There was nothing there before, just paneling behind the cabinet, and the cabinet was bolted into the bulkhead. No now he is extending the wall, which means our pretty wedding picture display is temporarily gone =( and the living room is a mess too. The couch & our new chevron ottoman are covered in sheets to shield them from dust.

Day three looks even worse. The old paneling was gone, the back splash was gone, the counters are gone (they actually are getting resurfaced as I type this) and it currently looks like a war zone. We have no water, no stove, no microwave and I was forced to get take out last night since we couldn't cook anything.

I'm hoping to see a big difference when I get home from work today. Our new appliances come in today, and Graham started dry-walling last night. Hopefully the kitchen has hit rock bottom, and we're heading up to our new, bright, cheerful, modern kitchen. 

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  1. You are right! You win the ugliest kitchen by a landslide! Can't wait to see what you do to it! Sue


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