Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lake Catherine State Park

Saturday morning we packed up Hermione and about five huge bottles of water and headed to out to Hot Springs for this weekends hike/Arkansas exploration. 

We went to Lake Catherine State Park and did a four mile trail. It was a relatively short hike, but it was categorized as strenuous. The hike itself was easy enough, but the drastic elevation changes were brutal (my legs were still killing me on Sunday).

The hike was one of the most beautiful we've done, and I'll say it's my favorite. Unlike last time, we didn't encounter a single tick. It was hot, but the heat wasn't brutal, and the scenery was gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE water views, and this trail wrapped around a portion of the lake. It was stunning. Hermione loved it too. We let her off of her leash, and anytime there was an easy opening that lead to the lake, she was instantly down there. 

I hate that we found this place when we only have 24 days left in the state, but I'm glad we went. 

Check it out if you get the chance. The area has more than a hiking trail. There is a marina, a swimming beach, and campsites.

Ready to go!
Another long drive with nothing to look at...
"Come on, guys! The water is this way!"
Our little fish beat us to the water!
She's really good at going after the stick.
She sucks at bringing it all the way back...
Can not get over how pretty it is!
Once again, right in the water...
She wasn't really steady on the rocks though. 
Tornadoes tore through the area in 2009 and did a LOT of damage.
So many trees down. Totally crazy!
Never so happy to see my car in my life!
Passed out almost as soon as she was in the car!

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