Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Barefoot Refresh Wines

The product and promotional item were provided by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for this review, however all opinions are my own. 

I was recently asked if I would like the opportunity to review Barefoot's newest line of wines. I love trying new things, so I was excited for this opportunity. I've enjoyed Barefoot wines in the past, especially their Moscato. I like sweet, fruity wines, so these new offerings seemed like they'd be exactly my cup of tea.

Barefoot Refresh is their take on a wine spritzer. Each wine is being marketed as light & refreshing. They offer four refreshing wine blends for typically less than $8 for a 750 ml bottle. 

The four flavors are:

  • Crisp White: Riesling blended with Chenin Blanc
  • Sweet White: Pinot Grigio blended with Moscato
  • Summer Red: Pinot Noir Rosé blended with Moscato
  • Perfectly Pink: White Grenache blended with Chenin Blanc and Moscato
I was asked to choose two that I wanted to sample. Like I said, I like sweet wines, so I chose the Sweet White & the Perfectly Pink and anxiously awaited their arrival.

It is recommended that these wines be served chilled or over ice. I let them chill and tried a glass of the pink with that evenings dinner. The pink is described as "vibrant & light bodied, with aromas of mandarin oranges and peach, complemented by flavors of raspberry & cherry".


While it was drinkable, I didn't care for this one. It reminded me of the wine coolers my friends drank when we were younger. Fruity, cloyingly sweet and left a slight syrupy aftertaste.

While I didn't care for the pink, the sweet white was very enjoyable. It wasn't any better or worse than the different brands of Moscato I currently buy, but I'll definitely buy it again. The sweet white is described as a "fruity and light bodied wine with aromas of juicy peaches and sweet tangerines".

I enjoyed this one a great deal. It went down easy, it had delicious flavor, and really was light and refreshing. This inexpensive wine is a perfect choice for a variety of events. I think it would be appropriate for everything from a girls night out, to hot summer days. I don't drink beer, so whenever we go boating or go to the beach, I'm stuck with diet coke while everyone else drinks beer. Next time, I'll definitely stick a bottle of this in the cooler. Especially since it's a twist top, so no extra hardware is needed.

I'm not a wine snob, I just drink what I like, and I really enjoyed the sweet white. I think this is a great, bargain option and I think it's a great option to share with friends. Wine is something that's hard to get into. There are so many options out there, it's a little intimidating. People who currently enjoy wine will appreciate it as a fun, refreshing wine blend. This would be a great "gateway" wine for people who aren't as familiar with wine but would like to try something new. 

I wish I had discovered these before summer was over, but next summer I'm definitely going to pop a bottle of this in the cooler for our beach outings.  

Stay in touch with Barefoot for more information on their great wines:

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