Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Epic Road Trip: Day Two

About 36 hours after we arrived in North Carolina, we were back in Virginia.

It was dark for the first few hours, thanks to our 5:00am departure time, but the sun rose in time for some beautiful scenery. 

While driving through Virginia, we saw a billboard for the Natural Bridge. We had nothing planned for the day since the government shutdown cancelled out our plans for Philadelphia, so we decided to go for it. The land was once owned by Thomas Jefferson, and is now open to the public for a reasonable fee. 

Totally worth it. So amazing that this was carved out by nature. 

That little block in the middle of the rocks is where George Washington apparently carved his initials on an expedition in the 1700's. 

It was a really nice little stop and I'm super glad we did it. 

We eventually stopped for dinner & a game of checkers at Cracker Barrel. I promise we're young...
The rest of the day consisted of passing through various states. Including West Virginia. It wasn't on my plan, but Google Maps has a mind of it's own. West Virginia was an interesting 15 minutes. Trying to find a gas station, we passed a rally & a man dressed as Jesus on the side of the road. 

 Happy to be out of WV and into Maryland.

Pennsylvania was the last state I got a photo of for the day... Sniff.

Seriously 30 seconds after we crossed over the state line into New York, this was what welcomed us. Traffic is the sole reason I never, ever want to live up north. 

Finally we made it to our hotel in Stamford, CT. We ordered Thai food online from a local place called Little Buddha when we were about 10 minutes from the hotel. Best idea ever. It arrived about five minutes after we did, and it was so, so good. What made it even better was when you order online, you got a 10% discount. 
We both ordered beef pad kee-mao which was delicious & the portions were huge. We had started with the potato puff curry. The potato puffs were good, but the dipping sauce took them over the top. This place is definitely worth a try if you're in the Stamford area. 

Next up: A perfect day in Newport, RI. 

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