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8 Fabulous Foodie Gifts from Homegoods

Can you believe Christmas is in less than 10 days? CRAZY! This year has gone by so quickly. It doesn't help it's been so crazy for us. Between a bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel, trying to sell our house, Graham spending two months in Texas, moving to Virginia, a fabulous vacation in Boston & many trips back to Charlotte... Yeah, I'm getting tired just thinking about it all!

Anyways. Back to my point. Christmas is in less than 10 days! I've finished my shopping, but I thought I would help out some of you that haven't finished yet (I know some people haven't even started... my husband for example). Someone tweeted this list of the 50 Worst Foodie Gifts a couple of weeks ago, and I was stunned by some of the ridiculous items featured. As a foodie, I can honestly say nothing on that list appealed to me. 

So I decided to spend some time in my absolute FAVORITE store (Homegoods) and put together some gifts that foodies would love! Especially since each of these gift bundles are under $25!

This one is my favorite! It's a gorgeous ceramic serving bowl ($7.99) & I thought this would be a fabulous gift when you fill it with a jar of sauce, a bag of pasta & maybe a jar of spices.

This bundle is just over $20

I honestly used to feel odd about buying food items from Homegoods/TJ Maxx, until this summer when I bought some spices there. Now I'm obsessed. 

My best friend loves to bake, especially at the holidays, and since her little girl is getting older I think this would be great for her (or any mom with young kids). This gift includes a stainless steel mixing bowl filled with cupcake mix, baking cups and these ADORABLE kitchen tools for little ones. If I had children, you better believe I'd have them as my little kitchen assistant and I'd love for us to receive something as cute as this. 

This bundle is right at $24.00.

This is less for a foodie & more for the mixologist type, but I really loved these glasses & these infusing bottles. They have different "flavors" for different liquors. Instead of coasters, you could stop by the ABC store and include a small bottle of Vodka (or whichever liquor). Also the two martini glasses are beautiful, and the silver lettering provides the perfect amount of holiday sparkle. 

This bundle (as pictured) is just under $24.00.

If your local Homegoods doesn't have these Infusion bottles (they're made by Rokz), you can find them on Amazon.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I think that is one of the most popular gifts imaginable. Especially for coworkers or neighbors, when you don't want to get too personal. I'd keep it simple with classic white mugs (since they can keep those & use them year round) and then add some interest with a fun coffee blend, and maybe a coordinating syrup & a box of biscotti. I don't drink coffee, but that Christmas blend makes me wish I did!

This bundle is less than $20

This gift is missing something that Homegoods doesn't sell: a loaf of good bread. But I would love to get this as a gift too! Homegoods has a great selection of oils & vinegars, and of course beautiful cutting boards. I would love to give this pretty bundle as a hostess gift, paired with a loaf of either homemade bread or a loaf from a bakery. 

This bundle is just under $23.00.

Graham & I are not coffee drinkers, but we love tea, so we would love this! When I saw this tea pot, I was instantly in love. The lace details are so pretty. I tried to find some mugs that coordinated (again, I'd go for simplicity unless you are very familiar with the recipients decor) and a box of tea that sounded delicious. 

This bundle is one of my favorites, and the cheapest at less than $16.00.

Obviously this gift wouldn't be good for an experienced cook (or baker), but it would be great if you have someone just developing an interest in anything culinary related, or maybe getting ready to move out onto their own. 

I found a huge Pyrex measuring cup (here's a similar 8 cup one on Amazon), and filled it with some kitchen essentials like KitchenAid measuring cups & spoons, a whisk & a rubber spatula. 

This bundle is just under $23.00

And lastly I have a set of four adorable appetizer plates & a beautiful slate serving board. I would absolutely LOVE to give this and a wedge of the recipients favorite fancy cheese. Maybe even include a box of chalk with it, so if they use it as intended (as a cheese board) they could label the different cheeses. 

This bundle is just under $21.00.

Hope this helped someone, and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! 

Oh, and Homegoods didn't pay me or perk me to write this post. During my unemployment I've literally been in the store about three times a week and I never fail to find something amazing there.

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  1. I do love me some Home Goods! You found some awesome things and for such great prices! :)


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