Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bathroom for Christmas

So I mentioned last week that one of my favorite things about Christmas this year was the bathroom remodel that we gave my mom for her gift.

The bathroom turned out even more beautiful than I possibly imagined. And for once, one of our projects turned out just as easy as it was supposed to. We painted the room while we were home for Thanksgiving, (the paint job was a belated Mother's Day gift), so everything else only took a day, and one trip to Lowes & one trip to Home Depot to finish.

This is a quick glance at what we started with. Granted, the spackle wasn't there when mom bought her house. We did that before we painted in November. Nothing was in bad shape, it just needed some updating.

The finished bathroom turned out exactly how I hoped. Even before we finished it, I couldn't help but post this photo on Instagram.

I hated mom's shower curtain rod since it was spring loaded. I wanted one that screwed into the wall. So, we replaced that with one from Lowe's for about $13. 

The shower curtain (the curtain was on clearance here in my local store), towels, & soap dispenser were from Target. The rug was from my favorite store in the worlds, Homegoods. 

My favorite addition to the bathroom was the framed watercolors. Those were free printables from Young House Love that Sherry & Clara painted in honor of an aunt that had passed away. I loved incorporating those into the room. Mother-daughter art work for a gift to a mother from her daughter. They were framed with Ribba frames from Ikea. Graham even matted them himself.

 The most expensive change we made was the countertop, which was annoying. We had planned to order a laminate countertop from Lowe's like the one we ordered for our bathroom remodel. In Arkansas, the countertop cost us about $90. The Lowe's here wanted to charge us $221. RIDICULOUS. So, we bought the basic white one from Home Depot.

I also hated the faucet. Ugly, chrome & very builder basic. So, we definitely replaced that with a new one from Lowe's. Super inexpensive fix, and it made a huge difference. The other easy, inexpensive switch we made was switching out the hardware on the vanity (which we painted, instead of replacing and it looks great!). Before it just had knobs, and I hate the look of knobs on doors. So, we replaced them with new stainless handles from Lowe's. It made a huge difference. 

My favorite updates that we made were the light fixture & the new mirror. I got the mirror at a GREAT price from Target thanks to coupons & the Cartwheel app. The light fixture was almost free from Lowe's, thanks to Swagbucks.

So... Merry Christmas, mom. Hopefully it still looks beautiful next time we come home =)


  1. I think it so wonderful you gifted your Mom with such an incredible gift! And the best part- you put it all together. Best Daughter EVER!!! And if you ever meet my mom- don't ever mention this whole thing. :)

    1. I try =) My mom is amazing. She was a single mother since I was six and always worked SO hard to give my brother and I everything we asked for. I love being able to do nice things for her now.

      And it'll be our little secret =)


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