Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Epic Road Trip Day 6: Boston

On the 6th day of our epic road trip, I finally was able to introduce Graham to my favorite city: Boston. 

We started the day in the Boston Public Garden. So beautiful... once you get past the crowds of people and the abundance of homeless people. The amount of homeless people in big cities like Boston, Chicago & DC always blows my mind & makes me sad.

Anyways. The Public Garden. 

The Make Way For Ducklings statues were my main reason for wanting to see the garden. This is my all time favorite children's story. The statues were as precious as I imagined they would be.

After leaving the garden, we started our exploration of the Freedom Trail. We started at the Massachusetts State House. We didn't do a tour of the inside, but the outside is beautiful. I love the dome & the statues around the building.

The Granary Burial Ground is one of the most interesting places on the trail. It's the final resting place to Ben Franklin's Parents, Paul Revere, the victims of the Boston Massacre and others. This place is always packed with inconsiderate school children, but it still is incredibly moving.

King's Chapel was amazing. The interior of the church was absolutely beautiful. The construction of the church was completed in 1754, and the quality of the work of historic structures always amazes me. For something to be this old, and still be this stunning just makes my history loving heart go pitter-patter. I'm not going to even try to be cool. I spent about five minutes sitting in one of those historic pews, staring up at a beautiful light fixture and thinking about all of the people who have sat where I was sitting. 

The Old State House was just as beautiful inside as the churches were. The displays they have inside change regularly. There is a lot of information inside about the evolution of the building, and it's free to military members =) 

Right outside the Old State House is the site of the Boston Massacre

The balcony where the Declaration of Independence was read to Bostonians for the first time. *chills*

This picture is the perfect example of why I'm so in love with Boston. It's the perfect mix of history & modernity. No where else in America will you find a city that ties the two together as well as Boston does. 

I found him! He was at the Cheers in Faneuil Hall. 

 It's slightly off the trail, but there is an incredibly moving Holocaust memorial. It's definitely worth walking through to remind yourself what hate and intolerance can do. 

Next up was the Old North Church. It is the oldest standing building in Boston, and once again, the beauty of the inside just blew me away. If you go looking for Paul Revere's lantern, you will be disappointed. One of the docents I spoke to said there is a museum in Concord that claims to have it, but that it's unlikely that it's the actual lantern. Anyways. Beautiful church, beautiful architecture. 

Thanks to the fact that our government doesn't give a crap about it's constituents, a lot of attractions were closed because of the shutdown. Including the USS Constitution

 After many, many miles we reached Bunker Hill and the end of the Freedom Trail. So, we walked around for a minute, then headed back to where we started. 

 And stopped for a cannoli on the way ;)

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