Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 4th "Birthday" Buddy!

It's been exactly three years since we hauled ass to Little Rock Animal Village and adopted a one year old cat they had named Jazz. On the drive home he pooped in his box, tried to run away at the gas station when we stopped to clean out the box, and then pooped in it again. 

Once we got home, and got him settled, he relaxed and we fell head over heels in love with him. He's loving, affectionate, so smart and just the most precious little cat in the world. 

He's happy to see us after we've been away for a few days. 

He forgave us quickly for giving him a bath. 

He curls up with us on the couch every night. 
The day Graham left for Kuwait for six months was hard for all of us. Buddy spent the whole day curled up with me while I read chick lit & cried. 

He likes to hang out under furniture...

Curl up under bedding...

... and investigate any new additions to the home.

I was super worried about bringing new additions (aka new animals) into our household. But other than the three days where he ran away after we adopted Hermione, he gets along great with his sisters. 

The joy this little cat has brought into my life can not be put int into words. He helped make Arkansas into a home for me. He was my companion when Graham deployed. His mischievousness never fails to make me smile (even when he's walking through wet paint & leaving paw prints all over our house or jumping on my shoulders while trying to get to flowers). He's only been in my life for three years, and I can not imagine it without him.

 I know it will happen someday, so in the mean time we try to make his life (and Charlotte & Hermione's) as wonderful as possible.

(A quick drawing I made describing the horrible scratch marks on my shoulders.)

So, happy "birthday" to the furry love of my life! 

(And you can all refer to me as a crazy cat lady. I don't mind.) 


  1. how sweet :)


  2. How did I miss this post! It almost made me cry. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy!!!
    From one crazy cat lady to another!


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