Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Barking Dog

One of the first restaurants Graham & I went to when we moved to Virginia was the Barking Dog. I am a suck for a good hot dog and the Barking Dog more than exceeded my expectations. We've been several times and have yet to be disappointed with anything that we've ordered.

Visit #1
We've actually started each visit with the corn dog nuggets. They are delicious, and the portion is huge for $4.95. There is also the perfect ratio of breading to hot dog.  

My first dog there was a chili cheese dog. You have the option of a "classic cased snap dog" or a 1/4 lb. all beef kosher dog. If you're going to cover it with toppings, get the snap dog. It's cheaper, and all of the toppings mask the flavor of the dog. 

Graham had the crab cake sandwich & it was delicious. There was very little breading, and loads of crab meat. The Old Bay potato chips pressed into the crust were a nice, crunchy addition.

Visit #2
On our second visit I ordered the 1/4 lb. dog plain & Graham had the "Barking Dog" with chili, slaw, onions & mustard. I can't stand slaw or raw onions, but my hot dog was delicious. The dog itself was so good, it didn't need to be smothered in toppings. 

Visit #3
On our most recent visit Graham ordered one of their sausages with spicy mustard and caramelized onions.

I had the fish tacos. These were epic. The fish is fresh and changes based on that days catch. This day the fish was blackened tuna and they were amazing. The chunks of tuna were HUGE, spicy & had tons of flavor. These tacos were enormous, and I was so full after eating them I barely touched the potato salad. 

This place has definitely become my favorite lunch spot in Hampton. They only have outside seating, and the space isn't very big, but it's worth the wait. They also serve a great selection of craft beers, wine & Coke products. 

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