Sunday, February 27, 2011

Restaurant Review: Papa Sushi

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After the worst dining experience ever at Sushi Cafe, my fiance and I have been trying out every sushi restaurant in Little Rock to try and find one good enough so that we never have to return there.
Last night, we finally found it.
Papa Sushi is fairly new. It opened in January over on Chenal. We arrived for dinner around 7:00, and only had to wait a minute or two for a table. Things were a little disorganized (the hostress didn't have any menus to give us other than the sushi menu. There were a few larger parties that had them all), but she apologized profusely and got them to us as soon as she could.
I knew I wanted a mixed drink, but they didn't have a cocktail list, just a wine & beer list, and I didn't really know what I wanted. I went to the bar, told the bartender what I liked and he made me a fantastic pineapple concoction that I could have easily drank ten of.
Our waiter was fantastic. He was attentive. They table only had regular soy sauce, so he asked if we preferred low sodium. I said yes, so he brought a bottle over, filled the dish for me and then left it. Customer service is important to me, so that impressed me.
We started with the edamame, which was awesome. Lot's of sea salt and so tasty.
We initially ordered 4 rolls; the Oh My Gosh, the Rainbow, the Super Godzilla, the American Dream and the Master roll.
(the oh my gosh, the rainbow and the super godzilla)

My fiance's favorite was the Master roll. The roll contained shrimp and avocado, was wrapped in foil and lit on fire. Unfortunately they didn't show us the lighting on fire part. When the waiter brought it out to us and unwrapped it, it was smoking. It was so incredibly different than anything I've ever tasted. It had this smoky flavor to it, which was odd and delicious at the same time.
My favorite was the Super Godzilla. Oh my. It was spicy and so, so good. I usually prefer the rainbow roll, but that one disappointed me. It was delicious, but at other places the cucumber is more prominent. I love that, because to me that's what makes it taste so clean and fresh. I could barely taste the cucumber in this one.
We ordered four of the rolls at once, and then decided to order the American Dream once we were finished. That's the other part of the customer service that impressed me. After taking our order for the additional roll, the waiter found out the sushi chef was backed up, so it would be about half an hour. He apologized profusely and offered us some soup or salad on the house. We didn't take him up on it, but that made me happy. The roll finally came out and it was fantastic. I hate we ate so much, because they had a tray of deserts by the door that looked divine. Oh well. Maybe next time. Especially since we still had Chocolate cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting at home =)
I am so, so glad we found this place. The sushi was delicious and inventive, the service was incredible and the decor was very nice. I liked having dinner with enough space between our table and the others that we weren't bumping into each other. I liked the flowers on the tables, the black table cloths, and the understated elegance of the decor. I'm already looking forward to our next visit. There are a few more rolls I MUST try.

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