Friday, January 27, 2012

Restaurant Review: Shakers American Cafe (Orlando)

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Ahhh. Shaker's American Cafe (and our delicious breakfast there) is one of the many, MANY reasons I love the internet, Smartphones, and apps like Yelp! and Urbanspoon.

On our last day in Florida, we were killing time while waiting for Ikea to open. We were both starving, so I got on my new iPhone and started searching for someplace nearby and good for breakfast.

Shaker's popped up on Yelp, and they pretty much had me at the words "grilled blueberry muffin". It was about 10 minutes away from Ikea and when they got there, we didn't have to wait for a table. The seating experience was a little odd. There isn't a hostess or anything. One of the waitresses asked how many were in our party, then she disappeared and a woman I later learned was the owner came to take us to our table.

I really wish we had been there for lunch, rather than breakfast, because everything on the menu board (except for the cabbage) sounded delicious. And I'm a sucker for chicken & dumplings.

We perused the menu for a few minutes. There was a lot to choose from, and everything sounded fantastic. When we were ready, someone came to take our order, and even though we both ordered huge omelets, I couldn't help but ask about the grilled muffin. She told us it was a large muffin, cut in half, buttered, and then grilled up to crispen up the outside. Sold! We ordered one to split. It came out first, and oh. My. God.

The muffin was absolutely perfect. Besides the awesomeness that grilling added to the texture, the muffin itself was delicious. I received a jumbo muffin pan at my bridal shower, and I think I may have to try and recreate this over the weekend.

Our meals came out a little bit later. And both plates were huge. I ordered the California omelet. It was three eggs stuffed with artichoke hearts, provolone and tomatoes. Topped with more provolone and served alongside home fries.

The home fries were delicious, and the omelet was very good. It needed more salt, and maybe some garlic or something. The omelet was also very wet. I know it was stuffed with tomatoes, and artichoke hearts, so that is to be expected, but it took away from it a little bit. My main complaint with my breakfast though, was the cheese on top. It was just slices of provolone. Nothing wrong with that, but it made it harder to get cheese in every bite. Every time you cut into it, all of the cheese tried to come with it.

This was a fantastic breakfast at a cool, local restaurant. I loved the collection of salt & pepper shakers all over the place. Each table has a different set, and they are literally everywhere. It reminded me of my grandmother. She collected them, and when she moved in with us and we had to box them up for the move, we had boxes and boxes full of them. Anyways... the food here is great, and if you ever stop by, definitely get a grilled muffin!

Three guesses as to why it's called Shakers =)

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