Sunday, July 29, 2012

A semi-productive Sunday =)

So it was a decent weekend... at least as far as weekends go these days (only three more till Graham is home!!!).

This past week I bought a bunch of clearance autograph frames from Kohl's. They were $8 a piece, but thanks to coupons, I got six of them for about $20. The frames were black, and that's way too dark to hang in the guestroom. So today I spray painted them the same champagne color that I painted the quatrefoil mirror and framed some of my favorite instagram pictures of the animals and hung them over the bed. LOVE how this turned out.

But first, my mirror... I can't believe I never shared this!

Original mirror from Hobby Lobby
Much better thanks to a can of spray paint =)

Anyways... today those frames got the same treatment and the guestroom feels a little more finished. It still needs some type of window treatment, and new carpet. And I think I want to do something fun to the back of the bookcase. But it's starting to feel like a really nice room.

Looooooove this. I really love the bedding.

I also cooked some ridiculously delicious stuff today. I made a Chipotle inspired burrito bowl that was absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I'm not even posting this as a recipe, because it's just layering stuff. Mine was brown rice (cooked in chicken stock), spicy black beans, 1/2 a grilled chicken breast (marinated in this stuff), a little homemade salsa, pico de gallo & cheese. This was SO good! Oh my gosh. It wasn't as good as what I get at Chipotle, but I usually get the steak there, and all I had here was chicken. I did feel better about eating it though since I had brown rice instead of the white they serve. 

Oh my gosh, this was good.

So since I had a healthy dinner, I of course had to treat myself to a yummy dessert. One of the agents in my office LOVES my cupcakes and has been bugging me to make some for about two months. I promised I would by the end of July. Well July is almost over (yay!!!) so it was time for me to ante up. I made one of my all time favorites: chocolate cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting. These are so good. And the frosting is so incredible. I kinda sorta wanted to do frosting shots with what didn't get used on a cupcake. I was actually worried about the frosting, since Hermione ate the shortening that was supposed to go in it. But it seems to be holding it's shape pretty well.

The frosting tastes like an orange push pop =)

And of course, all of my weekends involve epic Buddy & Hermione cuteness.

 Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. What color was your spray paint - it's a pretty color, and much better than the one in the store. :) What is the name/size of the frosting tip you use for your cupcakes? I might be making cream puffs for my next dinner. In years past, I have just used a knife to spread the frosting, but a frosting tip would be much easier.

    1. Thanks =) The spray paint was Champagne (satin) by Krylon. And I'm not sure of the frosting tip. I bought it in this set from Bake it Pretty:

      But I'm pretty sure that it's this one from Atecco:


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