Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sky Modern Japanese Restaurant

Two much sushi for two people.

Cherry Blossom Roll: DELICIOUS.
Rainbow Roll & the Cantrell Roll
Baked Scallop Roll: Messy & Delicious.

Rainbow Roll with no cucumber... very disappointing.
Black Belt Jalapenos

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Another sushi restaurant in Little Rock has been checked off my "must try" list. Even though I have forgiven the people at Sushi Cafe for my awful experience, I still prefer not to go there on a Saturday night. This past Saturday we had a sushi & Batman date planned, and since this place was closer to the IMAX theatre, we decided to give it a shot. I'm very happy we did. Not only did we have a fantastic dinner, we also got some entertainment. There were a table of girls behind us that were so catty, we just kept giggling. At one point one of them was talking about how she was mad at a friend because her friend had the audacity to tag her in a photo on Facebook that she looked fat in (homegirl was like a size 2... really?), and then proceeded to tell her friends how she messaged her and told her she would appreciate her not posting any pictures she looked unattractive in, period. Some people... anyways. Sushi.

The food was VERY good. The only complaint I had about the quality of our dinner was with the rainbow roll (which is unfortunate, since it's usually my favorite). There wasn't any cucumber in it. And that is the best part to me. It's what makes it taste very crisp, clean & fresh. The roll was good, but I don't think we'll order it again. The other three rolls we ordered were all delicious, but none had any truly special quality that makes it stand out as a definite favorite. The cherry blossom roll tasted very similar to the rainbow roll, only it did have cucumber sticks in it, so we'll definitely stick with that one. I think Graham preferred the baked scallop roll. And even though it was messy, it was delicious. It had a slightly smoky flavor, which reminded us of the master roll at Papa Sushi. We ordered an appetizer as well; the black belt jalapenos. Those were fantastic. They were stuffed, fried, not as hot as I feared they would be and were so tasty. Definitely try these if you give this place a shot.

While the food gave us very little to complain about, the service left something to be desired. We waited way too long to be greeted & have drink orders taken, and the server was kind of arrogant and condescending. When we put in our order, he commented on how much food we were ordering. Rude. When we were finished, he commented on how quickly we ate (I guess 45 minutes is not enough time to completely devour four plates of sushi & an appetizer... That is fast, but we're fast eaters, I was starving and we had a movie to go see). Even if he thought it was fast, I didn't think it was appropriate to point it out. My last complaint is that our appetizer came out at the same time as the rolls we ordered. When someone orders an appetizer, it's because they are HUNGRY. They want something to snack on as quickly as possible. Bringing it out at the same time as everything else is completely pointless and just pissed me off.

But, while the service was less than desirable (honestly I'm getting used to that here), the food made up for it. We'll definitely check it out again. The restaurant is in one of my favorite shopping centers in the area and right next door to a great froyo spot. Perfect for a date night =)

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