Monday, July 15, 2013

Northwest Arkansas

So... I meant to post this last week, but things are a little hectic right now. My last day at work is July 19, we're moving on July 23. We're going home to NC for a few days first, but I got a call for a job interview on the 24th. So, we're making the very long drive home to Charlotte, and then the very next day we're getting up at the crack of dawn so I can interview for a job and we can spend a little time in our new home. 

We haven't sold or rented the house yet (*gulp*), so we've taken the opportunity to clean up a few loose ends... like returning the bold walls to a neutral color. Goodbye beautiful blue accent wall =(

Anyways, we were really impressed with Northwest Arkansas and I wanted to share more photos from the weekend. 

After all, it is my blog, I'll do what I want =)
The trails at Crystal Bridges were so beautiful.

I adore him.

Adorable tea & spice shop in Bentonville.

Sam Walton's original Five & Dime store. Graham bought taffy and was happy all weekend =)

Sam Walton's original pick up truck. 

Definitely the cutest town ever. 
The most interesting place we found in Bentonville was a restaurant/hotel/gallery called the Hive. This place was freaky. Everything in here was odd and eclectic, and down right creepy.

Very cool sculpture at the Hive. 

The next day we went hiking at Devil's Den State Park. It wasn't as pretty as some of the other hikes we've taken, but it still had some pretty scenery.

I was higher up than it looks.

Graham & his man bench. 

Bentonville & Northwest Arkansas is a fantastic day trip/weekend trip! It's about three hours from Little Rock and there is a lot to see & do. Besides the museum, there are lots of shops, more places to hike and explore, and the University is about 30 minutes from Bentonville.

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