Thursday, September 12, 2013

Restaurant Review: JJ's Red Hots

I love hot dogs. There, I said it. I always used to feel like less of a foodie whenever I have one, but I don't care. I decided that there is a fine line between being a foodie and a food snob. I try never to be a food snob. I like pizza. I like burgers. And hot dogs, FTW.

The hot dogs at JJ's are hot dogs unlike any I've ever had. The dog itself is whatever. It's a hot dog. But the toppings, and more importantly the combination of toppings is what takes these to the next level. 

Graham was traditional and boring with his dog. He had the Char-heel, which was a combination of slaw, chili, raw onions and mustard. I loathe all of those toppings, so I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. But in his words it was "effing delicious". 

I had the dog of the week (the big cheesy), and oh baby... It was topped with bacon, jalapeno pimento cheese & pickled jalapeno  One word to describe it: epic. The pimento cheese was so good. It's not a combination I would have ever put together on my own, but it definitely worked! 

We both had our dogs with chili cheese fries (which were fantastic) and best of all, it was SO CHEAP! $15 for everything, including two sodas.

On our way out of Charlotte a few days later, we decided to stop by again. Graham had the same hot dog. I ordered something different, but it didn't matter what I ordered, because they gave me the wrong one. I ordered the Sonoran, and the one I received was the Joliet Jake. Once I scraped the raw onions off, that one was pretty amazing as well. 

So if you're in Charlotte and craving a good hot dog, stop by JJ's. You won't be disappointed! And if you're as lucky as we were the second visit, maybe the guys from King of Pop's will have their popsicle cart in the parking lot. Try the blackberry lime ginger and thank me later ;)

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  1. They have a "gourmet" hot dog place in Columbus too. I ate there once and loved it. It also was super cheap and I had some ring dinger good onion rings there! I also ADORE hot dogs and I don't care who knows it. I do tend to buy Nathan's hotdogs for myself though.....

    1. I love them too. I always felt like a bad foodie, but a good hot dog is one of life's most wonderful pleasures.

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